The best way to predict the future is to create it

Disrupt or be disrupted. Innovate your existing business, reduce risk and create future cash engines.

Disrupt or be disrupted. Innovate your existing business, reduce risk and create future cash engines.

Disruptive Innovation requires unique skills, tools and competencies, including knowledge of the emerging technologies impacting your sector. Our Innovation Lab is our ecosystem exploring the innovative power of exponential technologies, start-ups and future business models. We use our innovation processes and expertise to help organisations and teams identify mega opportunities, solve business challenges, explore new value propositions and innovate their industries. We devise, and incubate new client ventures and work with start-ups to envision the future and accelerate their growth and global potential.


Business Model Innovation &
Exponential Technologies

Mega Opportunity Definition.
Venture Ideation & Co-Creation.

Start-up Incubation & Acceleration.
Venture Solution Delivery & Ecosystem.

Connecting Start-Ups with Corporates
& Strategic Capital


Our team has successfully built sector defining start-ups from the ground up and delivered fully working disruptive business model innovations and fully developed venture solutions for large corporations. Nicolas De Santis, our CEO and a tech entrepreneur and investor is an expert in business model innovation and co-creator of various books on innovation.

Our global network provides us with access to innovation and research organisations, venture funding, mentoring and crucial intelligence about the future of our world in different innovation verticals and areas.

Changing the future of travel distribution

Opodo is a one of the most successful online travel businesses operating across fourteen European countries., Co-founded by a consortium of European airlines, including British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa, opodo reached €1.2 billion in gross sales and was sold for €500 million becoming one of the most successful travel start-ups in history.  Our CEO, Nicolas De Santis was part of Opodo’s co-founding team and the founding director of marketing, sales and strategy.

Re-inventing a media company’s business model for the future

Pay TV broadcaster CANAL+ was going to be disrupted by Netflix and new streaming technologies. We created Yomvi, a new streaming service, brand and business model that delayed the launch of Netflix in Spain and turbocharged Canal+ transformation to digital. Yomvi provided a new growth engine and a culture of innovation, culminating in the successful sale of CANAL+ to Telefonica for $1billion. Our innovation work was instrumental to realise the full business value of CANAL+ leading to the sale.