Our CORPORATE VISION SYSTEM® reinvents the corporate future and aligns strategic vision, brand portfolios, business model, culture and organisational design to outperform peers, capture new opportunities and avoid threats.


We empower Fortune 500 Global companies to envision the future through visioning, branding, business model innovation and cultural transformation. With our pioneering Corporate Vision System® methodology, we provide our clients with a five to ten-year advantage over competitors by anticipating future industry paradigms, key challenges and new opportunities.


Our Corporate Vision System® methodology focuses on 4 core areas:

1. Strategic Visioning

2. Global Branding

3. Business Model Innovation

4. Cultural & Organisational Alignment

1. Strategic Visioning

Eliminate strategic blind spots. Create the future.
The absence of a proven strategic visioning framework (a system) prevents many organisations from integrating ‘the future’ early enough into their core strategies and decision making, leading to great loss of corporate, financial and social value. What we call ‘the Kodak Moment’. We navigate global complexity and synthesize what's truly important to create a sustainable future vision that captures a unique space in your industry. By providing actionable foresight, our strategic vision phase provides a future innovation road-map and corporate philosophy that boosts strategy, governance and performance.

Our tool, structures corporate vision and culture into 10 clearly defined organisational components to diagnose how well prepared your culture is to face the challenges of the future as well as preparing the strategic pillars that create a more responsive and innovative organisation.  Find out more >

GLOGO°: Our tool to monitor global change and develop strategic vision
GLOGO® is the planet’s Global Governance Monitoring System. We use GLOGO® as a visioning tool to navigate through global change and complexity. GLOGO® identifies the most important present and future challenges faced by our clients, their industries and society. It is the first generation tool of its kind. GLOGO® organises our planet into 8 core global areas including our network of expert sources in 5 continents.WATCH VIDEO!

2. Brand and Communications

Reinvent the brand experience. Communicate the vision. Create fans.


Our Corporate Vision® Studios team has decades of experience in creating and managing the most iconic brands in the world. Based on your new strategic vision, we create a brand and communication of the future that engages your stakeholders to action. Our teams are experts in brand design, brand portfolio management, brand positioning, content strategies and global communications and media.

> Brand strategy & architecture
> Brand research
> Brand design
> Brand portfolio management
> Brand & IP valuation & Licensing
> Content strategy
> Video and filmmaking
> Naming & nomenclature development
> Packaging design
> Internal engagement & communications
> Environmental design
> Interactive and digital web design

3. Business Model Innovation

Disrupt or be disrupted. Innovate your existing business and create future cash engines.
We use the latest business modelling tools to innovate and refresh the existing business model while generating new ideas to create future potential ventures: your future cash engines. Our business model database includes the latest innovations across global areas and industries. Our incubator/accelerator Corporate Vision® Imagineering is our innovation lab for new value propositions, ideas and ventures. We connect start-ups with corporates to solve corporate challenges, generate disruptions and implement new business models. Nicolas De Santis, our CEO and a tech entrepreneur and investor is an expert in business model innovation and co-creator of various books on the subject.

4. Organisational & Cultural Transformation

Innovate & align corporate vision and culture. Generate mindset change to create super teams.
A new Corporate Vision requires a new mindset about the future, new habits and new skills. We guarantee organisational, personal and group support for the implementation of the strategic vision initiatives. Using our Corporate Vision System®, we link vision implementation priorities with pre-identified strategic, organisational, cultural and behavioral performance indicators. Our programmes include Training & Coaching to reach new levels of personal and professional skills and growth. Designed exclusively for each client to effectively take on their unique challenges, our programmes implement the new strategic vision and monitor project performance at different levels of the organisation. Our team is made of entrepreneurs, business strategists, humanists, creative talent and technologists that know how to implement strategy, build real businesses and design future organisations.

Result: Future oriented corporate mindset, motivated super teams, organisational transformation, cultural innovation, skill advancement, finding & retaining high-performance talent, improved collaboration, internal alignment and a sustainable future for the organisation, its stakeholders and society.

Other applications of the Corporate Vision System

Our Corporate Vision System has also been designed to be used in these specialised areas:

Territorial or City Strategies
Geovision® and Future City™ are our specialist approach to develop the potential of territories, cities, nation brands and key national and regional assets and national industry verticals. Visit Page >

Corporate Vision - 
Family Business
We have decades of experience working with large family businesses. We help align all family members around a common strategic vision that renews family enthusiasm and leadership. Visit Page >