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Corporate Vision® CEO among top UK business chiefs calling to stay in customs union.

The CEO of Corporate Vision, Nicolas De Santis, is among more than 100 entrepreneurs and business leaders that have signed an open letter to MPs urging them to keep the UK inside the EU’s customs union. Organised by Richard Reed, a co-founder of Innocent Drinks, the letter has been co-signed by the founders of Pret a Manger, Waterstones, Zoopla, Net a Porter, Domino’s Pizza, Yo Sushi and Jack Wills.

Corporate Vision® launches new advertising campaign targeted to global corporate leadership

Corporate Vision®, the visioning, innovation and creative consultancy and think tank, has developed a new advertising campaign targeted for high level executives including Board of Directors, CEOs and C-suite executives. The campaign focuses on crucial corporate issues currently affecting companies worldwide, including themes such as Digital Transformation, Global Brand Management, Business Model Innovation and Cultural re-invention.

BRAND EU, the European Union Brand Centre: making the EU brand cool!

Created by Corporate Vision and the think tank Gold Mercury International in 2014, BRAND EU, the European Union Brand Centre, is the independent brand marketing champion of the EU. Located at the Corporate Vision offices in London’s Mayfair, BRAND EU works towards creating an exciting EU brand identity and vision that connects with citizens and the rest of the world. Via its research and various programmes, BRAND EU aims to clarify what the EU really is (a bastion of stability), shed light on its critical role in the world, and stimulate unbiased discussions concerning where the EU needs to go and what it must evolve into (vision).