Corporate Vision Smarter Culture™

SmarterCulture™ : Diagnose the current state of your corporate culture and organisational preparedness.

Future Organisations require Smarter Cultures.
Conventional approaches to organisational management no longer work in the unpredictable hi-tech environment of the 21st Century. The global acceleration of change and technology across industries requires new ways of thinking, operating and collaborating in less predictable environments. It requires smarter individuals, smarter teams and smarter organisations.

Manage your culture or it will manage you!
Today, few organisations know the real state of their culture or manage it well as corporate culture is hard to define. As a result, many organisations remain stagnant and eventually fail, while others advance and innovate. This organisational ‘no mans land’ creates serious problems for management and other stakeholders. To solve this issue, we have created Smarter Culture™ a state of the art diagnostic and operational framework to define and manage corporate culture in a pro-active way.

The Corporate Vision® SmarterCulture Framework

Our Corporate Vision® System - SmarterCulture™ framework organizes corporate culture into 10 organizational components and is designed to diagnose the current ‘health’ of your existing culture while preparing the pillars that create a more responsive and innovative organisation that leverages modern day technology, skills and methods in order to face the future.

Corporate Vision® SmarterCulture Diagnostic Report

Our detailed SmarterCulture™ Diagnostic Report includes our findings and recommendations and uses a simple ‘Traffic Light’ system to determine the state of each of the key cultural components within the organisation and how they positively or negatively affect the whole. Our Corporate Vision® SmarterCulture ™ Diagnostic can be used to clarify the current state of a corporate culture or in special situations such as mergers or acquisitions, reorganizations or for due diligence purposes.

Implementing our SmarterCulture Recommendations

We assist our clients to implement the recommendations of our SmarterCulture diagnostic reports using our Corporate Vision System® solution.
Result: Strategic vision, organisational innovation, internal alignment and sustainable future for the organisation, its stakeholders and society.

Corporate Vision® Book & Video

Our Corporate Vision ® SmarterCulture™ tool will be featured in our upcoming book Corporate Vision® | Designing the 21st Century Organisation. In the book we use real life examples and case studies of failures and successes from diverse industries, organisations and global brands, as well as insights from innovative and revolutionary leaders.
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